Container module for automated preliminary trials on underground deferrization

"With the help of underground defferization the ferrous ground water can be purified economically underground. The water to be infiltrated is enriched with oxygen and infiltrated into the groundwater lines via wells. The technology required for oxygen enrichment was compiled in a container module that was developed at the HTW Dresden in the scope of a BMBF research project. The aim of the development was an automated operation of the container module with which a great span of infiltration and enrichment tasks can be handled."
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Tower construction for Baku (Leipziger Volkszeitung of 18.10.2010)

Cryotec constructs the air separation plant for Azerbaijan / transportation only possible by special truck

Wurzen. Alone the centre piece is 23 metres high and weighs 33 tons. The Wurzen company Cryotec has developed a plant that blows all standard dimensions for an Azerbaijan company.
Peter Bienert cannot avert his eyes from the large monster that he sees in the court of the company Cryotec. The Managing Director is proud of the latest order which his company has landed. It is supplying an air separation system to Azerbaijan. However, the centre piece of the plant that is just being filled with insulation material is one great challenge. The tower - or the "Cold Box" as it is known in engineering lingo - blows all dimensions. 
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