CRYOTEC experts to attend gas sector conference ‘GASTECH’ in Singapore

27th -30th October

At the “GASTECH” international conference in Singapore, more than 80 renowned speakers and representatives from the global gas sector will exchange views on key questions relating to upstream, midstream and downstream gas sectors.

In addition to business topics, the four-day conference offers the 2000 delegates technical discussion topics, which will be attended and co-presented by CRYOTEC experts.

CRYOTEC-Head of Sales Marius Baake is looking forward to mingling with experts from all around the world, to discuss current developments with top-quality products, particularly in the LNG-market:

“It is necessary to pursue and make use of new business opportunities in the LNG and gas sector in emerging markets such as Asia & Southeast Asia. At the conference we expect develop many new contacts and meet interested clients.

We aim to introduce our technologies for the natural gas supply chain to potential clients, from liquefaction and gas storage through to distribution. Additionally we want to obtain a general overview of the gas and LNG market developments so that we can better predict future market supply and demand issues’

We continue to improve our international position as a leading plant construction firm providing innovative technology development.”

The CRYOTEC-team is looking forward to meeting you in Singapore at “GASTECH 2015”!


CRYOTEC’s representatives visiting the World Gas Conference & Exhibition in Paris

Every three years the International Gas Union (IGU) opens its doors for the largest branch meeting of gas industry worldwide. This year Paris was chosen as location for this significant event. The aim of the current World Gas Conference & Exhibition was to present the latest developments in the energy sector to generate sustainable growth in the sector.

Natural gas becomes more and more important in the global energy mix. Through this a lot of new possibilities were developed for growing economics, which have to deal with the increasing environmental issues.

Our sales team travelled to Paris to share the discussions with other exhibitors. Furthermore it was a good chance to establish new contacts via targeted networking and to maintain existing contacts.


The future of LNG in Germany and Europe?

The specialists for industrial gases in the EPC Group, CRYOTEC, participated in the second workshop ‘LNG as a driving force for cross-border cooperation in Europe’ at the end of May 2015 in Dusseldorf. The workshop invited energy agency ‘NRW’ as well as many representatives from politics, industry and research institutions to find out more about current developments in the industry.

Contributions from the Dutch participants were of particular interest as they already have experience in LNG distribution and LNG for fueling heavy vehicles. Other highlights included the first findings from the use of LNG powered public transport buses in Poland. During the workshop it was possible for more than 90 participants to look at LNG powered vehicles (trucks and buses) at close range where the noise levels of the vehicles were perceived as significantly lower than diesel vehicles.

Other exciting projects presented included the LNG master plan ‘Rhine-Main-Danube’ for the distribution of liquid natural gas and the use of an LNG barge in Hamburg harbour.


LNG Experts Meeting "Small-Mid Scale LNG Summit 2015" in Amsterdam

Event sponsor CRYOTEC presented intelligent technology solutions for LNG.

During the "Small-Mid Summit 2015", around 50 experts from Europe and the US exchanged their experiences on the subject of LNG. LNG stands for liquefied natural gas, a modern, easily transportable fuel with high energy content. It can be transported over long distances without the need for a pipeline.

One of the focuses of the conference in Amsterdam was the logistics surrounding LNG. It is transported by LNG Carrier to a large terminal on the coast, like Rotterdam for example and from there transferred by rail, road or sea to the end customer. Here the trend is moving from large LNG systems to smaller and medium-sized systems.

Other topics of discussion included the safe handling of LNG, the market situation and market developments, as well as technological solutions for generation, storage and regasification at the end customer.

Dr. Holzapfel, Managing Director of CRYOTEC, presented during his speech the LNG plant built by CRYOTEC for Gazprom in Russia and highlighted the containerized modular design of the system that enabled very short construction time.


CRYOTEC engineering GmbH: 20-year anniversary and official opening of its new company location in Wurzen

The specialist for technical gases in the EPC group CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH, celebrated its 20th anniversary. The Board invited employees, friends and business partners middle April in the new premises in the Dresdner Straße 76.

The CRYOTEC engineering GmbH was founded by Peter Bienert (former MAFA Wurzen) in August 1995. From the beginning, the currently worldwide active company focused on the construction of air separation plants and CO2 systems as well as providing the complete system solutions for the further processing of oil and gas.

Due to the new building of the premises with production halls, two integrated crane equipment and premises, the CRYOTEC can obtain greater opportunities of developing new and existing systems with higher capacities and new opportunities in-house production as well. The number of employees increased rapidly in recent years, from 12 in 2008 to 43 employees currently.


We say: Congratulations, CRYOTEC!
Copyright: Frank Schmidt)


Pilotproject in Russia.

Perm governor started up the LNG plant of CRYOTEC. Significant improvement of energy supply in rural areas will be expected.

Wurzen. Perm. The Governor Viktor Basargin opened the first plant for the production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the Perm region in Karagai District a few days ago - and this plant was planned and manufactured by CRYOTEC in Wurzen, Germany.

The social project - currently labeled as unique in Russia - has been launched by the Perm governor in order to supply 2,237 households and a number of farms in the residential areas of Karagai region and northern Sivinsky District better off with energy. A quarter of the population in the Perm region lives in rural areas. Through this LNG plant it is thereby possible to supply remote villages with gas to enhance the quality of life of the residents.

The production capacity of the plant is about 1.5 t / h, which corresponds to about 19 million cubic meters of gas per year. On behalf of Gazprom CRYOTEC engineers delivered two liquefaction plants, storage and filling for tankers; one plant has now been built in the Karagai region. The gas of the plant is tapped from a central gas line and then will be liquefied with a temperature between -162 and -165 C in the plant.

Vladimir Markov, member of board of Gazprom, pointed out the importance of the implementation project for the subsequent construction of such facilities in other regions. According to his statement, the company plans also to realize the installation of LNG facilities elsewhere.

The liquefaction of natural gas (LNG) is an innovative cryogenic technology for the fuel supply of residential and industrial facilities that are located at a considerable distance from the main gas pipelines. Gazprom has invested in this pilot project by his own account more than 1 billion rubles.


CRYOTEC in high demand at the Russian Cryotec Expo.

Moscow. Wurzen. The leading international trade fair ‘Cryogen-Expo. Industrial Gases – 2014‘ took place for the 13th time in the Russian capital this October.

The aim of this industry event is the bringing together and the exchange of scientific and practice relating to the future of cryogenic engineering and technology. CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH participated in the event together with partner Russian company CryoSpecCenter.

Both companies shared a booth that was manned by knowledgeable experts to advise and support visitors to the booth. The main focus of this year’s trade fair was air separation and the rapidly growing LNG market within the oil and gas industry.

In particular, natural gas liquefaction plants and related storage facilities, bottling units and regasification plants were in great demand. CRYOTEC presented new interesting business ideas and business models applicable to these areas.

It was noted that many well-known competitors did not attend the event this year and therefore many Russian customers praised our decision, despite the difficult economic and political situation to continue to serve the Russian market.

CRYOTEC’s presence at the Cryogen-Expo resulted in a lot of interest from many customers interested air separation and natural gas liquefaction plants.

Therefore, managing director Mr. Ulf Henkel came to a pleasing conclusion: "Overall, we see our participation in the exhibition to be very successful. Due to the excellent preparation, many meetings have already been agreed in advance, resulting in intensive customer and project discussions. We remain confident in the Russian market and the Russian customers and we look forward to a positive future."

CRYOTEC hereby would like to thank all visitors to the booth and looking forward to future cooperation.

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