Profit optimization through latest technologies: Listed German Gas Company Counts on Process by CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH

CO2 Recovery Plant

More profit through technological optimization: The Wurzen-based CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH has developed a CO2 recovery plant, which is proven to provide increased efficiency and thus higher profits in the dry ice production. A listed German gas company is now counting on this innovative technology, as well. For its latest dry ice production plant said company has now ordered two CO2 recovery plants, which are equipped with CRYOTEC’s technology.

Dry ice is said to be the coolant of the future thanks to its versatile applications and easy transportability. It consists of liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) and is usually offered in the form of blocks or pellets. The greatest advantage of this coolant is that it evaporates completely without residue and thus does not create a breeding ground for bacteria. For this reason, it is also widely used in the medical sector and the food industry.

In the production of dry ice, a high amount of carbon dioxide of as much as 50 percent of the used liquid CO2 is emitted. This carbon dioxide can be recovered with the CRYOTEC technology. The gaseous CO2 collected during the drying process is cleaned, compressed and re-liquefied to the storage tank. The high-purity carbon dioxide is thus fed back to the production cycle. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the plant is thereby enormously increased, as no raw materials are lost.

The manufacturer and supplier of the dry ice system is the Swiss plant manufacturer COMTECSWISS, which relies on the innovative technologies for CO2 recovery from CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH, a subsidiary of the EPC Group. The systems were put into operation successfully in April 2017 and handed over to the customer. The delivery time for the CO2 recovery plant was six months. The installation on site could be completed within one week.



CRYOTEC Shows Sportsmanship at the Tenth Annual Corporate Run in Leipzig

The running Team of CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH

A healthy spirit lives in a healthy body: That’s why the CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH also couldn’t resist participating in the annual company run in Leipzig. The team of ten runners around authorized representative Corinne Ziege competed against more than 15,000 combatants of over 1,000 companies.

An attendance record, owed to the fact of the tenth anniversary of the run. Compared to this huge number of attendees the team of CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH is especially happy about their positionings. René Bräunlich, service technician, was the best with a proud 3,062 place in the overall ranking – in the individual ranking of the men he even scored place 2,807. Corinne Ziege fought for an amazing 1,841 place in the individual ranking of the women. In the overall score of the teams the CRYOTEC Anlagenbau GmbH was ranked on place 480.

„We are very proud of these results,“ says Joaquin Guerrero-Manso, Business Development Manager at the Wurzener company happily. „The participation in the annual run strengthens our team spirit and of course brings a lot of fun. We are already looking forward to next year!“



EPCs subsidiary CRYOTEC: Innovative LNG-filling station concept developed for the European market

Liquid natural gas (LNG) as a fuel especially for heavy trucks is gaining in importance.

LNG is a clean fuel, generates only minimum emissions of sulfur, soot particles and nitrogen oxides.

In this way LNG helps to improve the air quality particularly in metropolitan regions.

CRYOTEC offers innovative LNG filling station concepts for the development of an infrastructure and is participating in several tenders in the central European region.

The filling stations will be configured according to customers’ request. A modular design (“skid mounted” or containerized) allows a quick and simple erection as well as commissioning of the unit.



CRYOTEC presents its LNG system solutions at the 2nd International LNG Congress in Hamburg

"We took this opportunity to introduce our technologies and developments in the LNG sector in Germany and to discuss the developments with the congress participants. The potential in Germany for us as an LNG specialist is very high and political points are being set. "

The CEO of CRYOTEC, Mr. Lutz Hoffmann, came to this assessment after the visit of the 2nd International LNG Congress in Hamburg ( last week. Together with CRYOTEC’s Business Development Manager Marius Baake, the „Wurzener“ presented their in-house LNG solutions during the congress.

In Hamburg, LNG specialists from the small-scale and midscale plant engineering industries discussed the perspectives of the use of LNG as a fuel and resource alternative for energy supply.

On the agenda of the two-day conference in the German town of Hansestadt there were lectures and discussions on topics like " Marine Engineering Propulsion technologies for LNG powered ships" and "LNG: Pricing and trading opportunities". Apart from that, topics on LNG plant construction and the LNG infrastructure were also at the center of attention for the conference participants.


Helium purification plant for renowned Dresden Institute of Air- and Cooling Systems (ILK)

Innovation driver in the field of air and refrigeration technology – as ILK Dresden is known for.  It was no surprise that it took first place for the best innovation 2016 with its liquid ice-based system for the efficient storage and distribution of cooling medium.

In order to continue being a leader in research in the future, CRYOTEC supported the innovative research drive of the Dresden engineers with the construction and delivery of a pilot plant for helium purification. The project manager, Mr. Grossmann from ILK is delighted with the rapid planning and implementation of CRYOTEC and commented on the upcoming application area of ​​the plant: "We are testing and developing cooling systems for the re-liquefaction of the helium circuit for cooling of magnets of the accelerator ring for the particle tests of the “Joint Institute for Nuclear Research "(JINR) in Dubna. The contaminated helium from the experiments can be reprocessed and reused with the helium purification plant."


CRYOTEC at the PSME in the Philippines

The 64th PSME National Convention, a prestigious professional event in the Philippines that gathers all mechanical engineers under one roof, was attended by over 2,500 delegates from all over the country. The event jointly hosted the 1st PowerCon (Power & Renewable Energy Conference) and the 6th PhilMach (Philippine Machinery Exhibition). CRYOTEC through its local partner O&G PCA Industry System Enterprise Corp., headed by Mr. Nino B. Ballatan participated in discussions of the topic “The Right Energy Mix” at the 1st PowerCon.


CRYOTEC: 4th Industrial Heritage Days in Leipzig

On the occasion of the 4th Industrial Heritage Days in Leipzig, EPC’s subsidiary CRYOTEC had the honor of opening our doors on the 12th of August to those who wanted to learn more about CRYOTEC´s history and its industrial role in the region. In a relaxed atmosphere, our visitors learnt about our technology and social commitment, for example how we can produce O2, N2 and Argon from air, how we can liquefy natural gas and then regasify it again and how this is really important for our daily life, and also why CRYOTEC has its roots in Wurzen.

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