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On August 12th as part of the „Industrial Heritage Days“ we open our doors to curious visitors from all over the world. Visit EPC‘s oil and gas specialist CRYOTEC in Wurzen and talk to our experts. Welcome!

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CRYOTEC lifts off: 10 person team runs for the team spirit at Corporate Challenge in Leipzig

More than 13,000 runners gathered for this year's Corporate Challenge in Leipzig. This course for athletes from all over Saxony took place on a site near the Arena Leipzig. A team of 10 runners from CRYOTEC led by managing director Lutz Hoffmann participated from the start.

Sales representative Martin Ackermann is looking forward to the race in 2017: "We had a great team and a fine weather, the 5000m went by very quickly. Even the company’s management ran with us. It is a great sight that strengthens our team spirit and competition morale. I will be here again next year”, said Ackermann about the Corporate Challenge in Leipzig.


LNG solutions for Tatarstan: EPC’s subsidiary Cryotec Anlagenbau signs framework contract with RariTek

At the beginning of June, the president of the republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanow visited the Free State of Thuringia at the invitation of the Thuringian prime minister Bodo Ramelow. Apart from talks between the top class economic delegations from both sides, concrete partnership agreements were also on the agenda during the visit in Jena.


The managing director of CRYOTEC Lutz Hoffmann and the project developer of RariTek Alexander Malyuga signed a framework contract in the presence of the two prime ministers. The framework contract contains the development of a LNG production complex in Tatarstan, including a LNG filling station. During the starting phase, a contract shall be concluded for the developing of a pre-basic engineering; negotiations are already taking place since June of this year.

The first results from the EPC Group in the area of the oil industry and gas industry were also available during the visit.

The managing director of CRYOTEC Lutz Hoffmann is optimistic about his upcoming trip to Tatarstan with his Russian-speaking team from Wurzen: “The foundation for a successful cooperation is laid with the signing of this contract.
The guests were impressed by the opportunities and the high level of research and development in Thuringia. “Through agreements with our Tatarian partners, we will experience a concrete win-win situation for both sides”, according to Hoffmann summing up.

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MoU between EPC’s subsidiary CRYOTEC and Tatar enterprise group RariTek

Rustam Minnikhanov, the President of the Republic of Tatarstan, visits the the Free State of Thuringia on the 2nd and 3rd June. Besides visiting selected companies here, concrete business talks with companies from Thüringen will be the focal point of this visit, this includes the signing of a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the the oil and gas specialist CRYOTEC and the corporate group RariTek for LNG solutions in the Republic of Tatarstan.


CRYOTEC traveled to South Korea to visit companies like Samsung and Hyundai with the prime minister of Saxony

Cryotec is based in Saxony, and specializes in technical solutions for the oil and gas industry. The company visited Seoul, the capital of South Korea, together with senior representatives of business and the state government of Saxony. The delegation was led by Stanislav Tillich, the Prime Minister of Saxony and President of the German Federal Council.

The purpose of the visit was to further strengthen the good political, economic and cultural relations between Germany and South Korea. Top priority of the government delegation was to share the story of the successful reunion of Germany with the divided Korean state, and motivate them to make further progress.

The program included a meeting with President Park Geun-hye, as well as visits to research institutions, universities, and globally active corporations such as LG, Samsung and KIA.

Marius Baake, the director of business development at Cryotec, was altogether very pleased with the trip and the new contacts made. He said, "The mission of this trip was to intensify and broaden our good and close economic contacts with South Korea, a 'tiger state' that is one of the world's leading economies. During the trip we made highly successful visits to a number of our customers, such as Hyundai and Samsung. We also found out the latest status of projects, and developed strategies for winning new projects all over the world."



International LNG congress London: CRYOTECs CEO spoke about own experiences and new technologies at the international conference

The importance of LNG in gas market cannot be overestimated. It offers an opportunity to diversify energy supplies and is seen as an alternative fuel. As a result, the global LNG demand is forecasted to grow from 296 billion cubic meters in 2010 to over 560 billion cubic meters in 2020, at about 0.6 % per year (Source: CEDIGAZ and BGS).

World leading LNG-companies’ top management and key specialists attended the event in London to find new partners and to discuss the current LNG market situation. In this context CRYOTEC’s CEO, Mr. Ulf Henkel, and Business Development Director Marius Baake have presented the own experiences in a worldwide fast growing small scale LNG market. Additionally, the two experts represented a case study with some economic aspects about a new erected liquefaction plant for Gazprom in Perm, Russia.

For a further order of Gazprom CRYOTEC engineers delivered the second LNG plant with storage and truck filling station, which is scheduled to go in operation in Q4 2016.

Mr. Baake issues a statement as a conclusion of the congress: “We are really optimistic about the current market situation. The inquiries from our clients for Small Scale LNG Solutions have been doubled from 2014 to 2015. Worldwide, there are a lot of projects, especially regarding the utilization of isolated and unexploited small gas wells. Liquid natural gas will be used for energy supply for islands or rural areas via virtual pipeline as a low cost and clean alternative to oil. The LNG congress in London gave us some very interesting incentives to develop LNG solutions for ports and marine applications in the future.”


International conference: EPC-technologies are in high demand in Chad

EPC Group, represented by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Cryotec Anlagenbau GmbH, participated at the international “Oil, Mining and Energy Conference & Showcase” in the Republic of Chad. Cryotec provides engineering expertise and manufactures plants for the air separation, CO2 recovery and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production.

EPC’s technology for LNG generated a lot of interest. The technology enables energy to be distributed to remote areas that are not connected to a natural gas pipeline. Furthermore, this system enables the storage and provision of natural gas in times of peak demands.

The government of Chad announced that it is looking for intelligent and economical engineering solutions for its house-building plan. EPC presented its innovative technology solution for the industrial production of pre-fabricated concrete parts.

Usage of pre-fabricated concrete parts can significantly reduce house-building costs and reduce construction times.

Attendees and participants at the conference were primarily from Chad but also from surrounding African countries.

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