Polymer membrane. Most reliable.

The membrane process uses the different diffusion speeds of air gases through a polymer membrane. For this purpose atmospheric air is filtered, compressed to the required pressure, dried and then led through a membrane module.
The air components with the higher diffusion speeds (O2 and CO2) penetrate the polymer membrane fibres quicker, thereby a higher nitrogen stream results as product. The purity of the nitrogen steam depends on the flow speed through the membrane module and can achieve 93.0 - 99.5 % and more when operated economically.

Low operating costs:

  • Low power requirement thanks to optimised design
  • Automatic adjustment to gas requirement

High degree of liability

  • Air compressors of renowned manufacturers
  • Ongoing local and remote monitoring
  • Central spare parts stocks


  • The system can be combined with a liquid nitrogen spare cylinder including vaporizer and/or a pressure accumulator to also be able to cope with peak demand.
  • Turn-key concepts possible