Easy commissioning. Short start-up times. Low input.

PSA-systems are used for the production of gaseous oxygen or nitrogen from atmospheric air and are based on the so-called PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption).
The adsorptive exploitation of gaseous oxygen from atmospheric air (PSA process) is based on the property of porous adsorbent agents to bind gases. The individual components of the gas compound are absorbed at different levels on the very large interior surfaces of the adsorbent agent.
Zeolite molecular sieves adsorb preferably nitrogen making it possible to produce pure oxygen. Carbon molecular sieves favour adsorption of oxygen and are therefore given preference for the generation of pure nitrogen.
The systems have been designed for fully automatic operation, the products are therefore already available after a few minutes following the commissioning of the plants. The advantage of oxygen and nitrogen PSA systems of CRYOTEC are the low costs for investment and human resources - thanks to the most simple mode of operation and maintenance.
Thanks to easy commissioning, short start-up times and low operation and supervision requirements our PSA systems enable our customers to produce gaseous oxygen and nitrogen on site at low costs.