Maximise your profit with industrial waste heat:

ORC 100 makes it possible.

Utilising the waste heat of your plant intelligently and having your investments work profitably after five years – these are the energy supplying prospects of ORC 100. The all-round carefree package of CRYOTEC increases the overall efficacy of the system. ORC 100 is particularly suitable for plants without a heat utilisation concept or with low heat utilisation.

The standardised container solution ORC 100 module

The Organic Rankine Cycle (abbreviation ORC) is a thermo-dynamic cyclic process which was named after the Scottish thermo-dynamics engineer William Rankine. Rankine had already described the cycle process or ORC thermal engines in the mid - 19th century. ORC systems convert thermal energy into electricity at temperatures and pressures way below the standard values for steam power stations. Organic fluids with a low vaporisation temperature are used as work medium. Principle-wise the process itself is identical to the generation of refrigeration.
The container solution ORC100 as shown includes a power module which operates according to the ORC process. With our ORC 100 module you can use the waste heat from a generator about 1MWtherm and an temperature of 120 °C in order to produce 100 kWel.

Advantages of the module ORC 100

The characteristics of the module are as follows:

  • Complete container solutions, including heat introduction and cooling side
  • Utilisation of the process technologies / modules available on the market (particularly the expander)
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Optimised to minimal own consumption
  • Short delivery times
  • Remote monitoring optional