The specialists for special gases.

Gas scrubbing

Gas mixtures and emissions develop in many production processes which have to be purified or, where from the economic point, the recovery is sensible. In these cases we develop special solutions for our customers. We can develop and optimises a processing principle using simulation programs.

Biogas processing

The use of biogas is an important module for the energy supply in future. To bring the biogas and natural gas via supply lines to the consumers and to thus ensure the very best utilisation of energy, the processing to natural gas quality is necessary. Biogas has a methane content of only 55 % - 60 %. This methane content must be increased correspondingly and at the same time bothersome elements such as hydrosulphide, carbon dioxide and others have to be removed. Here again it is CRYOTEC that offers the suitable solutions.

Handling special gases

For many branches of industry the use of special gases with high demands on purity and plant safety are necessary. We develop suitable economical solutions for our customers. In part some absolutely new fabrication technologies are required for such special applications. We are also suitable partners for difficult cases of application thanks to our experienced personnel and our co-operation with universities and research facilities.
Tanker, filling and distribution plants for special gases such as monosilane are a very "own speciality" of CRYOTEC ANLAGENBAU. We set standards in the field of supplier industries for semi-conductors with these systems.
Monosilane is used for the precipitation of silicon, silicon dioxide and silicon nitrate layers. Therefore monosilane is mainly used in the fabrication of semi-conductors or for the manufacture of solar cells.

Mobile systems for oxygen / nitrogen generation and treatment

Cryotec develops, in close collaboration with vehicle manufacturers, mobile systems for the generation and processing of oxygen / nitrogen. These products are particularly used in the gasoline / gas industry.